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Take care of your own needs while one of our qualified staff members takes charge of your loved ones’ well-being.

caregiver and senior laughingBeing the main family caregiver is a role you perform to the best of your capabilities. But, even you have your limits. There may come a time where your mind and body will be drained from taking care of your loved ones, where you are unable to give yourself the care and attention you need.

Respite care is one solution that can help you. This type of care is given to family members who devote a lot of their time tending to their injured, sick, or aging loved ones. When you choose to have respite care, one of our competent staff members at Journey Home Care will fill in for you while you take a few hours or days off. During this time, you can choose to catch up with the other people you care about, do the hobbies you have been unable to do in a while, or simply get rest and recharge your mind and body.

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